In order to seriously face all hazards and problems caused by the lifting activity and works at heights, Nolitala Srl has developed a high quality range of services, taking into account the safety of both personnel and handled materials.
More specifically, Nolitalia Srl can provide not only the required accompanying legal documents, but also a complete analysis of all technical aspects.
Each operation foresees a careful site inspection, to be carried out by the operative staff, by experienced technicians (engineers and surveyors) and if necessary by a geologist sampling the nature of the soil, which provide for a careful survey of the operating conditions and any interference, if necessary also by a geologist who also provides for a soil sampling designed to prevent any failure of the land on which it will operate. This preliminary phase is followed by a project draft and a plan of the lifting works including all technical issues such as:
Structural strength of the involved load to be handled,  the analysis of any possible certified slinging, all machine foothold analysis when loaded, computerized simulation of all operational steps.
All the above is certified by a qualified technician, as guarantee of all operations to be performed.


Following the detailed project phase, the operations are set up by means of modern machineries, all equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated control systems, and used by trained and certified personnel according to the strict regulations in force.